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We’re psyched to announce a new feature on Linkup Point – the ability for users to write full text and photo articles so they can have a voice in the sports that matter to them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have created a media environment where information comes in short catchy snippets, but fails to go deeper than the surface level. People used to predominately consume information in the form of longer articles from magazines and newspapers, and while that’s a little more time consuming and potentially less flashy, it allows an author and audience to engage deeper into the subject. 

We believe it will be advantageous for sports enthusiasts, high end aspiring athletes, and professionals to have a platform to go deeper into their expertise, experiences, and perspectives. Linkup Point isn’t intended to be a just another place to consume catchy media, it’s intended to be an intentional place where people share and gain sports knowledge, experiences, and motivation. It’s a community that’s intentional about growth through athletic and outdoor pursuits. This is Linkup Point. 

That reminds me of the Linkup Point mission statement: The mission of Linkup Point is to increase participation and lower barriers to entry in sports and recreation, and consequently to promote better health and quality of life, for all people in all places. Linkup Point also promotes environmental stewardship in order to maintain and enhance recreational places as well as the global ecosystem. 

We’re excited for you to be a part of this movement! 

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