About Us

Find the right people

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Never have to solo!

Our Mission

The mission of Linkup Point is to increase participation and lower barriers to entry in sports and recreation, and consequently to promote better health and quality of life, for all people in all places. Linkup Point also promotes recreational access and the stewardship of recreational and wild places, in order to enhance and sustain those places for current and future generations.

Photos: Cover photo taken by our founder Brandon on top of Mt. Denali, Side Photo of Brandon with his Denali team. 

The Company

We’re a veteran owned startup in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we’re passionate about technology, sports, the great outdoors, the environment, and service.  When we’re not making the website or app better for you, we’re out rock climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, hiking, fly-fishing, camping, or practicing martial arts.  Linkup Point INC. is a C Corporation in the process of becoming a public benefit corporation – with our mission of promoting recreation and stewarding the environment, at the center of who we are and why we exist as an organization. We are proud partners of organizations like the Access Fund – which protects and preserves public climbing access.  Linkup Point is by sports enthusiasts, for sports enthusiasts!

Photo: Brandon climbing at Garden of The Gods (out in our backyard). 

Our Values

Service and public benefit is at the core of what we do and what Linkup Point aims to be. Promoting recreation, health and wellness, and the environment that hosts us, is central. The extension of that is that we care about our users – your time, purpose, experience, privacy, and data. We strive to create a positive environment, and to empower you to be intentional about the content you see. We will also never sell your data, or compromise your privacy and security. Here’s our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we can do better here

Photo: Brandon and Niki climbing at Garden of the Gods (out in our backyard again).

Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Brandon Briscoe, I founded Linkup Point in August of 2020. I’m passionate about technology, service, sports, adventure, and the great outdoors, and I’m happy to work at the intersection of all of those. I was an army combat engineer captain for eight years, and I’m ranger and sapper qualified and served twice in Afghanistan. I studied Management at MIT and Stanford and it’s great to put that knowledge to the test with a startup. I happily live in Colorado Springs Colorado, grew up in Aspen, and can be found adventuring around the west. 

Photo: Brandon spearfishing in Hawaii (yes I love the ocean too). 


Rahulrajan Karthikeyan has been Linkup Point’s CTO since May of 2021. He’s passionate about technology, especially AI, and has been coding since he was young. He’s also a FIDE rated chess champion and has played Grandmasters Viswanathan Anand and Garry Kasparov. He studied computer science and digital culture at ASU. He also likes to hike and explore. 

Photo: Rahul out hiking


This is Brandon, in the spring of 2019 I was skiing Colorado 14ers every weekend and avidly looking for ski mountaineering partners. Despite having a network of athletic friends, living in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak, and having connections to my hometown of Aspen, I ended up breaking the backcountry rules and skiing peaks solo on many weekends. This was not my preference, and not ideal, but I did what I needed to when the coordination didn’t work out. I was training to climb Denali in Alaska later that spring and I was trying to take my backcountry skiing to the next level. I needed to find the right people, with the right expertise, with the right gear, and with the availability and willingness to do it on specific dates in specific places.

I’m also an avid martial arts practitioner and instructor and once again, I found it difficult to find the right people to train with and teach. I’ve talked to innumerable people over the years that have expressed similar frustrations with finding sport partners, or for getting into sports like climbing that require skill and experience. I founded Linkup Point to be the solution to this problem. 

Photo: Brandon ski mountaineering at La Plata Peak near Aspen

The Name & Logo

Linkup Point in military doctrine is: The point where two infiltrating elements are scheduled to meet to consolidate before proceeding on with their missions. That means different elements start out separately, move into enemy territory, and linkup to continue the mission together. That’s what were all about here at Linkup Point – bringing people together in pursuit of sports and recreation objectives. 

The logo is the vision of a mountain range with a prominent mountain objective in the distance – reflected across the water creating a new shape, which is the compass that directs you onto your objective. 

Linkup Point Logo SCREEN Lighter Final May 31 21
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