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About Linkup Point

Linkup Point is a new sports and recreation focused social network, and service and gear marketplace, that makes it easier to find partners, plan trips, and easily find the right service and gear offerings. Linkup Point is the one-stop-shop web and mobile hub for sports and recreation – to help get you out doing the activities you love or aspire to do.

Want an easier way to find the right sport and recreation partners? Looking for an easier way to plan outings and invite others to join, or to find trips to join yourself? Do you wish that there was a place to find guides and lessons that had both amateurs and professionals in one place, and which featured sport credentials, so you could compare offerings? Have you wasted time on unorganized online markets looking for second-hand gear and wished there was a more efficient and more organized place? Linkup Point is the hub for all of these tasks.

What makes Linkup Point new and different?

Facebook is the social network. LinkedIn is the professional network. Meetup is the groups network. Where’s the sports and recreation network? That’s the gap that Linkup Point fills – focusing on the needs of athletes and recreators in one web and mobile hub.

Imagine a sports and recreation focused Facebook where profiles have sport specific content like skill, fitness level, and experience, and search tools with many parameters help you quickly find the right people. Imagine groups and message boards that were actually organized with filters and calendars and maps, and there was a dedicated trip planner and finder. Imagine an Airbnb Experiences that’s sport and recreation focused, highlights credentials, and has both amateurs and professionals. Imagine a Facebook Marketplace or Ebay that’s highly organized by sport and gear type. This is Linkup Point. Register today and linkup!

Who is Linkup Point for?

Whether you want to linkup to go rock climbing in the Colorado Rockies, or find a martial arts sparring partner, or find someone to take a casual hike on the beach with, Linkup Point aims to provide something to anyone anywhere who has an interest in a sport or recreational activity – beginners, experts, professionals, groups, organizations, and companies – everyone is encouraged to become a part of the Linkup Point community.

Many sports and recreational activities require two things in common – technical skills, and partners. Other sports might not require it, but might be safer, more enjoyable, and create more opportunities for learning, with others to enjoy it with. I decided to found Linkup Point as the solution to finding partners, friends, mentors, guides, and pros in order to make any sport or recreational pursuit easier to participate in and develop in. The goal is to make Linkup Point the web and mobile hub for sports and recreation. And for those that would like to pay for a guide service or instruction, how about an organized service marketplace where you can compare amateur and professional service offerings to find the right solution for you, in the sport or activity of your choice. And for professionals, how about terms that make sense to you for offering your services. While we’re at it, how about an organized second-hand gear market to make finding very specific gear an easier task – we’ll make it organized and efficient to find the right gear quickly.


Hello, this is Brandon, the founder and CEO of Linkup Point. In the spring of 2019, I was skiing Colorado 14ers every weekend and avidly looking for ski mountaineering partners. Despite having a network of athletic friends, living in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak, and having connections to my hometown of Aspen, I ended up breaking the backcountry rules and skiing peaks solo on many weekends. This was not my preference, and not ideal, but I did what I needed to when the coordination didn’t work out. I was training to climb Denali in Alaska later that spring and I was trying to take my backcountry skiing to the next level. I needed to find the right people, with the right expertise, with the right gear, and with the availability and willingness to do it on specific dates in specific places. I’m also an avid martial arts practitioner and instructor and once again, I found it difficult to find the right people to train with and teach. I’ve talked to innumerable people over the years that have expressed similar frustrations with finding sport partners, or for getting into sports like climbing that require a high level of skill, experience, and equipment.