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What is Linkup Point?

Linkup Point is the sports and recreation focused social network that helps find partners, mentors, guides, trips, and information.  

It’s hard to find the right sports partners, and even harder to find good mentors and affordable guides – that’s the core problem we aim to solve. We have over 80 sports, and growing. Always free!

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How do I use it?

Use the Partner Finder to search in detail for the right sports partners, mentors, guides, professionals, guide organizations, and more. Use your profile as your detailed online sports resume. Use the Trips & Events page to find or host trips and events.  Use the Sports Feed to see trip reports, conditions reports, upcoming trips, and announcements among others, and filter by sport and location to find specific info. Then use groups or forums to connect and engage with your sport community in-depth.

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone! Whether you want to go rock climbing in the Colorado Rockies, hiking in Utah, or surfing in California, Linkup Point aims to provide something to anyone anywhere who has an interest in a sport or recreational activity. All skill levels welcome – beginners, experts, elite athletes, and professionals.  All sports and recreation types welcome – extreme sports like skydiving, “regular” sports like golf, or activities like camping.  It’s also not just for amateur individuals, but for pros, clubs, associations, sports teams, groups, guide services, and other companies. Everyone is encouraged to become a part of the Linkup Point community – the more the merrier!

How is it new and different?

Facebook is the social network, LinkedIn is the professional network, Meetup is the groups network, and AirBnb Experiences is the tourism service network. Where’s the sports and recreation network? That’s the gap that Linkup Point fills – focusing on the needs of athletes and recreators in one web and mobile hub. Other apps and websites are either so niche that they only work for one sport, or they’re so broad that users waste their time trying to find the right partners in vain. Let’s have one platform that does it all!

The mission of linkup point

The mission of Linkup Point is to increase participation and lower barriers to entry in sports and recreation, and consequently to promote better health and quality of life, for all people in all places. Linkup Point also promotes recreational access and the stewardship of recreational and wild places, in order to enhance and sustain those places for current and future generations.

About us

We’re a veteran owned startup in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we’re passionate about technology, sports, the great outdoors, the environment, and service.  When we’re not making the website or app better for you, we’re out rock climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, hiking, fly-fishing, camping, or practicing martial arts.  Linkup Point INC. is a C Corporation in the process of becoming a public benefit corporation – with our mission of promoting recreation and stewarding the environment, at the center of who we are and why we exist as an organization. We are proud partners of organizations like the Access Fund – which protects and preserves public climbing access.  Linkup Point is by sports enthusiasts, for sports enthusiasts! See more about us here

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Our values

Service and public benefit is at the core of what we do and what Linkup Point aims to be. Promoting recreation, health and wellness, and the environment that hosts us, is central. The extension of that is that we care about our users – your time, purpose, experience, privacy, and data. We strive to create a positive environment, and to empower you to be intentional about the content you see. We will also never sell your data, or compromise your privacy and security. Here’s our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we can do better here